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FAQ [updated 03-15-07]

So, what is Crane Films?

Crane Films is a limited liability film production company managed by the Crane Brothers. We started this company because we love making movies. We have been doing so in some form since we were little kids, and used the name "Crane Films" back then, so we thought it fit well with our more adult undertakings.

Who does what in Crane Films?

There are four of us Crane Brothers; it works out like this:

1 Kyle designs the web site, files the papers and gets the legal work done, pays for stuff, writes, directs, produces and acts on occasion. Kyle also does editing when he can, and makes music for the movies.
2 Brady pays for stuff, makes the connections with people, directs, produces, writes, edits like a mad man, and acts, sometimes as more than one character in movies.
3 Jamie acts, writes, directs and edits. He is also the sole member of our softball team. Jamie also composes original music for movies.
4 Hunter acts and writes. He also makes connections.

It would be fair also to say that our cousin Chris Harr does a lot of stuff at Crane Films too. He can shoot and edit and recently was the sound guy on Man Of The Hour. So in a way he is the fifth member.

Its been over a year since you've made a feature. Did you guys hang it up?

Not at all. We'll never hang it up.

What awards have your movies won ?

Dracula: Best Supporting Actor: Jamie Crane, Best Director: Brady Crane, Outhouse Film Festival/Best Feature, Santa Barbara: Digital Days. Man of the Hour: Silver Outhouse, Outhouse Film Festival/Best Feature, Santa Barbara: Digital Days. Just What I Needed: Best Soundtrack, Best Documentary, Golden Outhouse, Outhouse Film Festival.

Do you guys do your own movies or do you produce other people's stuff?

Right now we only produce our own work.

What is your connection to Santa Barbara, California?

Friends of ours in Santa Barbara recently arranged for us to attend the film festival there. Brady entered his movie Dracula in the competition, and won an award. Our friends in Santa Barbara are Jeanne and Danny David, Mark DeSpinza, Richard Corwin, Roger Darling; we are forever grateful for what they have done for us.

When are you guys going to be casting for _________?

Any casting calls we plan to have will be listed on our main page.

Who pays for your movies?

We do; we have jobs. we try to make a point of owning 100% of our material.

What editing system do you use?

We use Final Cut Pro, whatever the latest version is.

What kind of camera do you use?

We use a JVC GRHD-1. From time to time we use a Sony Digital 8, but only when we have to.

What movies have you made?

We've produced the features Dracula, Man of the Hour, and Just What I Needed. Our shorts can be found in Cinema Crane.

Why did Dracula have such a long shooting schedule?

Brady shot Dracula over a two-year period because he was still in high school at the time, as were most of his actors. He had to do it over weekends and on holidays. On top of that there were some production problems that paused the shoot. Brady never compromised his vision; that may be what took the longest of all.

Is it true that Dracula was shot twice?

For the most part: yes. Since Dracula was shot over such a long period of time all the actors were growing up so several of their scenes had to be shot more than once to give a sense that it all took place over a shorter period of time. Also, Brady was continually coming up with better ideas and re-writing scenes. So it isn't far off to say that every scene was shot twice in radically different ways. Brady would like to make a version of Dracula using all the older cuts… if we can get that old hard drive to work again.

Is it true that Dracula is just a remake of Francis Ford Coppola's version?

Not really; Brady did use James V Heart's screenplay as the foundation for the movie but changed most of the script. He used elements from old Hammer films on Dracula as well as F.W. Mernau's Nosferatu and even Vampyr. It was more of an homage to the Dracula character, the novel, and past Dracula movies than it was a remake of any one thing.

What's the real story behind Man Of The Hour? Did that really happen?

Kinda. Brady and some of his friends made up the character of Brandon Buttersworth, and started spreading rumors that he was some sort of awesome guy to make other people want to meet him. When people started asking around if this mysterious Brandon Buttersworth would attend their parties, the only ones they could go to were Brady and his friends. They ended up being invited to some exclusive parties and what not just because of their association with this character. The movie is slightly different.

Why did you make a movie about a retro 80s night?

People are passionate about it.

I heard that you guys started shooting this movie, then quit… will you ever finish it?

There has been more than one occasion where we have not finished a certain project for whatever reason. Chances are, we will not finish the project. And yes, we do have one entire feature that was shot that we just forgot about. We will most likely edit that one.

My friend ____ is gonna make a movie about a heist that goes wrong and there is drugs in it and he is getting funding from ______. Its gonna be in Cannes.

Was that a question? Yea, that's gonna happen. This isn't a contest. We aren't trying to "out-produce" anybody. We are just making the movies that we want to make because its fun.

Do you have any advice for a young filmmaker?

Get your hands on a camera, get a couple of friends (no one can do this alone), and start shooting stuff. Take it seriously and don't get discouraged. We edited using 2 VCRs and our camera until about 5 years ago. Everyone's first movies are going to have flaws, that's not the kind of thing you should be worried about. This is an art just like painting or songwriting, so make sure your heart is into making art more than making a movie just because it's the cool thing to do.

Are you in the theatre?

Although we are all fans of the theatre we are not interested in working in it. In our minds the theatre (a living piece of work) and the cinema (a recreation) are two different things. The aspects of cinema that make it its own art are the things that attract us to it. We really love the black box theatre at LSU.

Why don't you try to get an internship on a movie?

Thats not our thing. We're only happy when working together on our own stuff.